Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Year Abroad Well And Truly Back On Track!


Back again after another busy and exciting week here in Spain! In fact, this week has been very busy and passed very quickly despite feeling a bit down at the beginning after my trip to Madrid came to an end.

My second week at work was really good because it was the time in which I became more familiar with the way in which the company works and started to feel more settled in Sevilla again after my return to the UK. I always find that the first week in any new job or situation is always the most difficult so I suppose that is why the second week was so much more manageable. I also started to become more actively involved in my workplace as I spent the week working both in and out of the office, advertising accommodation online, in person, and via posters. Working out in the city for a few days was a very good thing for me to do as it enabled me to get to know my way around better as well as gaining confidence when speaking Spanish. I felt by the end of the week that I had learnt a lot in terms of language and in terms of the job so I felt very satisfied.

I was then very lucky as my friend Louisa came to visit me in Sevilla this weekend that has just passed. She arrived on Friday afternoon and stayed until Monday morning which gave us enough time to really enjoy the beauty of Sevilla. Whilst she was here we went on a boat cruise to enjoy views of Sevilla from the river, an open top bus tour around the city, a horse and cart ride around some of Sevilla’s most beautiful parks and gardens, we visited the Real Alcazar Palace and Gardens, the Bullfighting Ring and museum, Las Setas – Metropol Parasol, Plaza de EspaƱa, and numerous tapas and paella restaurants. The sun was shining so we were able to do all of this whilst enjoying the 29 degree heat which was a real surprise for Louisa having come from 5 degrees in Paris on Friday! It was a lovely weekend and again was sad when it came to an end. However, we both still have a lot to look forward to so we are continuing to look ahead and make the most of all of the opportunities that come our way.

On the topic of opportunities, I have many interesting and different things coming up very soon! Although I work full time which is very tiring, I have decided to register on a private Spanish course at a local language institution in order to improve my Spanish as much as I possibly can whilst I am here in Sevilla. I am also teaching a couple of local people English to earn some extra money and gain more experience. It is a great way to improve my Spanish, get to know Spanish people, and get some teaching experience. Much better than going back to my room after work every day!

So as you can see, I have really built up a life here and got myself into a daily routine which will enable me to get the most out of the months I have left here in Spain. I think that is one of the most important things to do whilst on a year abroad as it is crucial to use the time wisely and to become really immersed in the culture! The next time you hear from me I will have done some more travelling so will no doubt have lots of stories and photos to share with you from those trips! I am going to visit the city of Ronda this weekend and then Gibraltar the weekend after so I will be back again in a week or two to share my travel experiences with you! But for now, please take a look at the ‘Photos-Sevilla/Andalucia’ section of the blog to see my weekend in Sevilla with Louisa in pictures!

Hasta luego!

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