Monday, 23 February 2015

Those Crucial First Few Days And A Last Minute Trip To Madrid

Hola a todos!

Sorry that I have been quiet for a little while! Things became even more busy in Bangor when all of the paperwork was finished and my plane tickets were booked as I had to get ready to go to Spain two days after confirming the new work placement! As you can imagine, this was slightly stressful but also good as it meant that I didn't have time to worry! In fact things went from hectic to crazy when I decided to travel from North Wales to Bristol on Friday night the week before last when I discovered that doing this was going to be much cheaper than going from Manchester, Liverpool, or London airports. In fact, it worked out really well in the end as I was able to spend the Saturday of that weekend at home with my family.

On Sunday 15th February, I set off for Bristol Airport to get my 6:30am flight to Malaga. This was slightly interesting as I found that my mood was not the best due to the fact that I had just been through a pretty rough patch of my year abroad and was not quite feeling the excitement that I had felt starting previous placements.However, once I had slept for most of the flight and landed in Malaga, the blue sky and sunshine that greeted me soon made me feel a bit more enthusiastic and happy to be back in Spain again. In fact, I had a few hours to kill whilst I waited for the train in Malaga so I went on an open top bus tour as I thought I might as well see this city that I had passed through so many times without actually visiting it. It was a very interesting tour and I enjoyed the beautiful coastal views that the Costa del Sol has to offer.

Once I got back to Sevilla after a sleepy two hours on the train, I started to feel very nervous as I approached the flat that I would be living in. This is because it hit me that I knew absolutely nothing about the flat or the people who lived there. However, I was very fortunate to find that the people who I live with are lovely and made me feel very welcome from the minute we met. It is nice because we are all from completely different countries. There are three Italians, one German girl, one Belgian girl, and me so it really is a good mixture of nationalities! It is great because we all speak in Spanish with the Italians as this is our common language so I feel I am getting plenty of opportunities to speak Spanish!

Last Monday morning when I went for my first day at work, I was pleased to find that I will be speaking Spanish at work as well as in my flat so I felt very happy at the end of the day. I am now a week into my second Spanish work placement and am finding it challenging but rewarding as it is completely different to anything I have ever done before. For those of you who do not already know, I am doing an internship with a housing company in Sevilla. I am therefore spending my time advertising housing in a number of different ways. It is very interesting because I have never done an office job before so this is giving me some experience in that type of work. I am always very tired at the end of the days as a result of dong everything in Spanish but I feel that I am getting a lot out of it which is the main thing.

As well as working, my travel bug really started to kick in last week again as I decided four days in advance that I was going to go up to Madrid for the weekend to visit my friend Lauren and to see the city. This is because I was feeling naturally a little bit overwhelmed by another new start but I also felt that having missed two weeks in Spain I wanted to get back on the road again and see more of the country. It was a lovely weekend because I got to catch up with Lauren who I had not seen since June, whilst exploring all of the main sights in Madrid and eating lots of tapas which I have to admit is quite possibly the most amazing tapas I have ever tasted!

Today I went back to work for my second week in the placement and must admit that I felt very tired as I did not get back from Madrid on Sunday night until 10:15pm. However, it was totally worth it and I feel much more settled and at ease with everything here now which is really good progress. So all in all things are going pretty well at the moment and I am now looking forward to this weekend coming when my friend Louisa from Bangor will be coming to Sevilla to visit me.

It is getting late now so I am going to leave it here for today. However, in the meantime, you will find some new photos from Madrid on the 'Extra Travelling' page of the blog if you scroll down a little bit. I will keep adding more this week as there are quite a few to come :) But for now......

Hasta luego y buenas noches!

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