Who am I?


For those of you who do not know me, my name is Elise Davies. I am 22 years old and recently graduated from Bangor University with a degree in French/Spanish (crazy I know!). Well, it might not seem so crazy when you hear a little bit about what I got up to during my four years as a modern languages student and the incredible opportunities that my degree has given me for the year to come!

As you may or may not already know, modern languages degrees at British universities consist of three years studying at the home university and one year either studying or working abroad. I therefore spent my first, second, and fourth year in Bangor and my third year moving between France and Spain undertaking various work placements and internships. If you look through this blog, you will see that my third year abroad started off in France where I completed a four week French language course  at a Language School in the glorious city of Cannes on the French Riviera. Once I had gained an insight into the French culture and polished up my language skills, I moved on to Grenoble where I worked as a receptionist and waitress in a youth hostel from September-December 2014. After completing that placement, I spent six months working in a Language School and then a Housing Office in Seville, Spain before returning to Cannes for five weeks in the summer of 2015 to do a teaching internship in the school in which I previously studied.

Although I faced numerous challenges such as losing a job in Spain, being taken to a Spanish hospital in an ambulance, and working long shifts alone at a reception in France, my year abroad was also, without a doubt, the most incredible year of my life. After all, it is not every day that you find yourself dancing the night away wearing a Flamenco dress, trying new food and drink almost daily, and literally travelling the globe! Not to mention the incredible life long friends that these experiences led me to.

So as a result of finding my year abroad to be such a fulfilling and positive experience, I have decided to spend my first year as a graduate doing a British Council Language Assistantship Placement in Spain in order to further improve my Spanish skills and gain more experiences that will help me greatly in terms of future employment. And it turns out that I will be going back to Seville to do it! How cool is that! :)

As my British Council Assistantship will be a new international experience for me, I have decided to carry on with my blog from where I left off in 2015. However, before blogging about Spain, I am going to write a couple of posts before September as I am currently back in Cannes for my annual language school experience and will be interrailing around Italy for a week later on in August. So lots of exciting stories and photos to come ladies and gentlemen!

I will be blogging about my experiences as much as possible whilst I am abroad so please feel free to make any suggestions as to what you would like to hear about the most! With this busy and exciting year ahead I'm sure there will be plenty to share!

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I hope that you enjoy it!



  1. Hi Elise,
    I'm about to start a placement in Grenoble at a youth hostel, and I was wondering if it is the same one? 10, avenue du Gr├ęsivaudan
    38130 - Echirolles?

  2. Hi Amy!

    Good to hear from you! I did work in that hostel :) When are you starting? And are you a languages student? :)

  3. Hi Elise!
    My name is Emma, I'm just using my friend's email as I have forgotten my google account details! Yeah I do French Spanish and Portuguese at Liverpool, and I start in Grenoble in September! Have you got any advice? No clue at all what to expect, although your posts are really helpful :)