Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Snails, Exotic Islands, Glamour, and Language Juggling!


As promised I have written you a post to tell you all about my first week back in Cannes! However, it is as always tricky to know where to start! That is what happens after busy and exciting weeks as I'm sure you all know! But I suppose I should start by telling you that I have so far not done too badly switching from Spanish to French! Although I have managed to say Por favor instead of s'il vous plait a few times which can be a bit embarrassing! Sshh :)

Anyway, I have now done a week and a half on the sunny Côte d'Azur and can fortunately tell you that I have had a fantastic start to my placement here. I have been taking French classes  in the mornings ready to start my work as an assistant next week and In the afternoons I have been on excursions to ile saint honorat, ile saint marguerite, and Grasse with the school! This was a great way to see some of the local area and to meet new people at the same time because being a solo traveller can get lonely at times.  

However, this past weekend was perhaps the biggest adventure of all because it was full of many activities that I did not expect that I would be doing in Cannes! I am very grateful to one of the girls who works at the language school for this as she invited me to go with her and her friends. On Saturday we all went out on a boat to spend the day cruising around the islands, swimming in the beautiful clear blue water, and water skiing. Water skiing was never something I imagined myself doing but once I had a go I actually really enjoyed it! I did a bit of a Bridget Jones skiing effort the first time round but then got gradually better and was able to stand up for longer.

Once we returned to Cannes we were all very tired so we went and had a BBQ in my friends garden. It was a lovely way to have a rest after the events of the day and relax. For some of us it really was a good idea to relax on Saturday night as we went out again on Sunday evening to the Piknik Elektronik de Cannes which was a big music festival with food, drinks, and a big dancefloor. We well and truly danced the night away at the Piknik before heading back to our houses for a good nights sleep before starting another week.

I am now half way through my second week in Cannes and am having an amazing time! I am speaking a lot of French, spending time with and getting to know lots of new people, and doing an interesting placement at the school so I am very happy. I also ate snails for the first time in my life last Tuesday so I now feel satisfied that I have had a really good taste of probably the most well known French dish!

I unfortunately don't have brilliant internet in my room but please keep an eye out for pictures of this summers adventures on the Cote D'Azur as I will put new ones on the photos-Cannes/Cote D'Azur page whenever I can!

However, I will leave it here today as it is getting late! I will be back in a weeks time with more news from the Cote Azur!

Bonne nuit!              

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