Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Livin La Vida Sevillana!


First of all, sorry for the long break between this post and my last one. As you will find out from reading this post, things have been quite busy lately so I have not had much time to give you updates of my latest adventures in Spain! However, today I am feeling the effects of a very good day/night at one of the traditional festivals of Sevilla (La Feria) so I am using the time to write about it all!

I think I mentioned in a previous post that my parents were coming to visit Sevilla last week. This happened from Wednesday to Sunday which was really lovely! I was so happy to see them because it felt like such a long time since I was last at home! I also really enjoyed showing them around Sevilla when I was not at work! We did a lot in the days that they were here as we went to see a live Flamenco show in the Flamenco museum of Sevilla which is apparently the oldest in the world! We also climbed the Giralda tower, ate in some fantastic Spanish restaurants, visited the Plaza de EspaƱa, Metropol Parasol, Los barrios de Triana y Santa Cruz, the cathedral, and the Real Alcazar. I did not go to all of these as I was at work but managed to do most of them with them! We were also fortunate enough to come across the preparations taking place in Los Remedios for the Feria! This was brilliant to see as all of the colors and Latin music gave my parents a taste of what the Feria is all about and made me feel very excited about what was to come! It was very hard to say goodbye when the time came for them to leave as it always is when living abroad. However, I realized how far I have come since the beginning of my year abroad as I was able to put everything into perspective this time and look ahead to what is to come during my last two months in Spain!. When my parents visit to France came to an end I spent the following two weeks on the verge of tears so it really did show some improvement seeing as I have been able to keep my emotions under control and get on with my work placement this week. I have learnt that time flies when you are living abroad so you need to live in the moment and make the very best of everything that comes your way. Also, I know that two months is not long so I will be home before I know it whereas at the beginning of the year it seemed like a lifetime!

This week is proving to be a very eventful week that I know I will not forget as to me it is a real experience of the traditional culture of Sevilla!. Yesterday, I spent 12 hours at the Feria with some of my work colleagues and was almost speechless when we entered it! The colors, noise, vibrant beauty, and smells of Andalucian cuisine were overwhelmingly fascinating and made me see almost immediately that I would be having a very nice afternoon/evening/night. And I really did! I will admit that I tried a little too much of the traditional alcoholic beverages of the Feria and quite quickly found myself feeling quite drunk but it very quickly made me relax in this new environment and embrace it with a confidence that allowed me to get the best out of it. As I am the type of person who is not always good in situations where there are a lot of people and loud music, I am really happy that I enjoyed the Feria so much as it is not something that I thought I would look back on so fondly! The year abroad is certainly full of surprises!

So there you go! I feel very privileged to have had a wonderful few days showing my parents Sevilla and also to have been livin la vida Sevillana at the Feria! I have always found that there is nothing more exciting than seeing the most traditional festivals such as Semana Santa and La Feria that I would probably have never had the chance to see if it were not for my year abroad! I am going to put some photos onto the 'Photos-Sevilla/Andalucia' page of the blog so keep checking that space for those! However, I am going to save some energy for now as I am going on a trip to Italy next weekend so will have a lot to tell you about then!

So for now, thank you for reading and I look forward to telling you all about my adventures in Italy!

Hasta luego!

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