Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Exploring Lyon, meeting up with Ffion, French Choir, and not forgetting....Work!


Apologies for not updating my blog for a little while! Things have been very busy with work and the social life that I have started to develop in Grenoble. Anyway, I am back now so am going to update you with what I have been up to during the past week and a half!

As you have probably gathered, I have continued with my work placement for the majority of days which is becoming much more familiar to me as the days go by. In fact, today I answered phone calls at reception for the first time which was a huge achievement seeing as I have always been terrified of the thought of having a phone conversation in French! I fortunately managed to get the gist of what the clients were asking on the other end of the phone but often found that I had to pass the call on to another colleague as I am still learning how to use the reception databases and found it hard to do both at once. I have also continued with the 'service' in the restaurant alongside the reception work and am pleased to say that I have finally got more efficient with this as I now know my way around the kitchen! Just goes to show what time can do! 

In terms of travelling, I was very brave on Sunday and decided to venture outside of Grenoble on the train! I actually brought up the courage to visit Lyon and my friend Ffion who is spending her year abroad studying at the University of Lyon. When I got to Lyon and met Ffion at the station I was so happy! It was amazing to see a friend from Bangor after such a lot of big life changes taking place in the last few weeks! We spent the day exploring the tourist attractions in Lyon and were also lucky enough to see some lovely animals in a park close to the train station. In the middle of the day we decided to be typically British and have an English Breakfast for lunch. Shock horror! It was nice to have something like that to remind us of home having been in France for a little while now! However, in the evening we were more adventurous and had a lovely three course meal in a restaurant selling Lyon's traditional cuisine! It was wonderful! It was also a great place to have a catch up whilst enjoying the gorgeous steaks, Mousse au Chocolat, and traditional recipes with red wine sauce in the narrow cobbled streets of Vieux Lyon! By the time Ffion had taken me back to the train station to return to Grenoble we were both happy, tired, and very full up! It was an incredible day in Lyon and I have every intention to go back there before I leave France at the end of December. 

Since my trip to Lyon, I have worked as normal but I have also done something very exciting and different! I have joined a street choir in Grenoble! I went along last night for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the rehearsal! The people were lovely and made me feel a part of the team right away! So I am now officially going to be singing soprano and spending my Tuesday evenings singing traditional French Folk Songs. It is going to be such a fantastic experience! It is also a chance to socialize with more local people and put my language skills into even further practice which is great!

So even though you have not heard much from me lately, I am fine and my new life in Grenoble is continuing to develop into a wonderful experience! 

I have added some photos of my most recent experiences to the 'Photos - Grenoble/Rhone Alpes' page of the blog so please do take a look if you fancy seeing my stories in pictures :) 

Thank you for reading and I will be back sometime within the next week with more stories to tell.

A la semaine prochaine!

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