Monday, 14 July 2014

When Everything Starts to Make Sense!


It has been a few days since I last updated my blog but those days have all been very important in terms of making progress both with the French language and settling into the culture.

To begin with, I am very pleased to announce that I have not had any problems with public transport for at least a week now so I feel that I have managed to jump through the first hoop :)

I had a very busy weekend during which I returned to Nice to see all of the sights that I didn't manage to see the weekend before. It was lovely to go back as Nice is a very large city with absolutely loads to see and do. I also half new my way around so managed not to get lost whilst sightseeing! I visited the old city, the port, and the cathedral which was very interesting :) I also took some lovely pictures which I am still trying very hard to post on the blog!

Sunday was a slightly less crazy day. I slept until about 10:30am because I was very tired after the busy working week and my exciting day in Nice. After lunch I met up with a friend who is on my course in Cannes City Centre. We went for a coffee and then went to the cinema to see the film 'Qu'est qu'on a fait un bon dieu' which was very funny and based on a very interesting topic. When I returned to the house I went out with Michelle and Farid to a soiree in Antibes to celebrate le 14 Juillet which is a very important day in France. We had a lovely meal and then watched a fantastic firework display. I was very lucky to have been in France at this particular time as I am now fortunate enough to have seen something very traditional in the French culture.

Today I returned to my course for the third working week. Everything seemed much more familiar this week as I now know how everything works and have got myself into a routine. I also met lots of new people who started the course today which was lovely. I even spent some of the afternoon chatting to a girl from the Czech Republic who is the same age as me! It was nice to find out about yet another new culture and to spend some time getting to know her.

So I can safely say that things are really starting to fit together and I am really starting to get to grips with the lifestyle that I am leading. It is fascinating to see how many little things that I never would have thought of before I came to France are so different to how they are in England.

I will write another post towards the end of the week so keep checking this page :)

A tout a l'heure!


  1. Keep the posts coming babes! Lovely to here how well you're doing :) Keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks Luke :) I'm glad you are enjoying reading them :D I will continue updating every few days. It is a good way to store lots of lovely memories :D