Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Getting Ready for Year Abroad Part 1 - Cannes/French Riviera

With just ten days to go until I jet off to Cannes to begin my year abroad I cannot help but feel a huge sense of excitement! Launching into the unknown does feel a little daunting (I will admit) but thinking about all of the adventures that I will have and all of the people that I will meet almost makes that sense of fear subside. However, the excitement did wear off for a few minutes this morning when I realised that my to do list is still far too long and that I really need to stop dreaming and snap back to reality for a minute! So for anyone doing a year abroad or any form of extensive travelling in the future, I advise that you think about the following IMPORTANT things in good time before you go:

1. Make sure that you have the correct currency for the country/countries that you are going to. The look of horror on my face when I realised that had I not thought about what I need to take with me as early as this, I could have ended up attempting to pay with British Pounds in a French shop! Now that would have been embarrassing!!

2. Make sure you have a big enough suitcase for the amount of time that you are going for. I think I may need to have a shopping trip sometime this week :)

and finally....

3. Please do learn important vocabulary before you go. I'm thinking airport vocab would not be a bad idea after completely misunderstanding that my flight was delayed when I was in Peru last summer :) All was fine in the end though!! Not that that is a reason not to be prepared this time :D

So there you go! Just a few things that seem straight forward but are in fact very easy to forget about amongst all of the excitement :)

Anyway, my next post should be when I am on route to Cannes or even in Cannes so please keep watching this space for further updates of my year abroad adventures :)

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